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Although the concept of in-floor or radiant floor heating has been around for centuries, today’s technology makes floor warming simply exceptional. Pipes are laid under the floor to diffuse hot water to warm the floor’s surface. Water is heated through a boiler and circulated through the piping system. As the warmth is emanated from the ground-up, room temperatures remain constant resulting in a cozy, comfortable environment. No more air drafts from your traditional heating system.

There are many other benefits of in-floor heating. Since heat is generated from the floor, there is less heat loss through the walls and ceilings. Energy savings are also achieved as room temperatures may be set lower (around 18 °C). Unlike a traditional furnace, radiant floor heating is virtually silent. The reduction in air drafts means less dust is circulated in the house – good news for people with allergies!

In-floor heating systems are durable and can last up to 30 years or more if maintained properly. They can be installed in new or existing homes and can be set up for basements and garages.

There are numerous ways to install in-floor heating; Denrite Mechanical will properly assess your building structure and recommend the most feasible option.

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